Life Is Not a Box of Chocolates. It’s Crummy

Believe it or not, I had red hair.
Believe it or not, I had red hair.
I know the Forest Gump quote says, “Life is like a box of chocolates,” but lately it seems more crummy. Some days, the crumbs are like the left over crumbs from a great coffee cake. I don’t want to waste the sensation of tasting even one morsel. So I push them all together in an effort to get just one more taste. Other days are more like the annoying crumbs of play-do left after our kids use it, fold it, cut it, shape it, and ultimately leave lit bits to either dry up into sharp bits that stab up through my socks or worse mush into the fabric of the socks. Yuck.

Sadly, this last week has been decidedly more of play-do crummy. I’ve had more pain more often of late. With more pain comes more mistakes and difficulty thinking. For a while, the pain has been in my hands, but of late just getting up from a seated or laying down position comes at a risk of sharp back pain like being stabbed with a spear straight through to the gut. I still have no idea what prompted that pain or caused it, but thankfully it is less common this week. Now I am back to primarily joint pain in my wrists and hands to pair with head aches. I can deal with these.

After all, I’m a red head, or I was before my hair lost its color. I did find it interesting to read how red heads feel pain differently than everyone else. Maybe if I did not have MS, I would be more reactive to pain from cold, but other than that this article echoes my experience. red head pain

As I got over the sharp stabby crumbs, I managed to stumble into the gross mushy crumbs. While everyone else in the family got sick last week with a nasty stomach virus that lasts for 2-3 days, I managed to avoid it. I attributed my luck to my MS. My immune system attacking everything with a tactical nuke has its advantages, and I am rarely out of work. I just didn’t realize my immune system was yet to be tested. As everyone else got better on Monday, it struck me Tuesday morning. It was the first time I have ever needed a puke bucket while sitting on the toilet. Yuck! Those crumbs were gross and they were on far more than just my socks (have I mentioned I love my wife lately?)! The good news is my body’s tactical nukes got me past the yucks in less than 10 hours. The next day I was at work…8 lbs lighter.

Having experienced both types of negative play do crumbs, I have to say bring on the coffee cake. These things do come in three’s right?

Scratch that.

I’ve had enough crumbs.

I want to scream for some good old ice cream!