A Golden Reward for Survival

Our Golden reward for a tough week.
Our Golden reward for a tough week.

Some weeks I can just tell will be difficult. When the time changes and I have trouble waking on a Monday morning, it is not a good sign. When I am rear ended on the way to work less than 200 feet from turning into work that is not a good sign. Sadly, the rest of the week followed suit, and my time to write went to …somewhere else. Even the weekend evenings were stolen as our basement flooded. That is not supposed to happen in a three-month-old house!

While the builders and the plumbers argued we must have just missed the alarm as the sump pump battery drained, we were left with the prospect of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. This never sounded correct as our power never went off, and we have had lots of rain this month. We have also been home, so it would be difficult for the alarm to sound without us knowing. Still, they insisted we missed it.

After the electrician, plumber and builder said everything was working and left, we decided to test it. Trust but verify. We unplugged the sump pump, forcing it to run on battery as we poured water in the sump pump well. We got the pump to turn on, but there was still no alarm sound. We called the builder and the plumber back to verify only to be told the alarm only sounds when water is above a certain point. Therefore, we kept filling it up, and yet the alarm never went off. We at last had a culprit that made sense. After a weekend moving things to dry spots in the basement, it was nice to know there was o way for us to predict this happening.

Thankfully, this last week was a bit better after I took my one day to recover from a cold. For starters, we got a golden reward for making through last week. After a stressful week and a car accident, we were approached about taking in a Gold Retriever 6 month old. After a week with her, I can hardly say enough positives. Scarlet has puppy enthusiasm, smarts, and an easy going eager to please personality. We have never had a “good” dog like her before. She heels without a leash. The day after we got her, we could just let her carry her leash because she was not going to stray from us.

“There should be laughter after tears.
There should be sunshine after rain.
So why worry now?”

-Dire Straits
“Why Worry”