Inspiration for Imagination, Pinch Your Booby

The 3 L's.  Thank You Jamaica.
The 3 L’s. Thank You Jamaica.

Whenever I think about what I want my family to get out of vacation, I keep coming back to two things.  I want us to all get a break from our routine, and I want us to gain experiences to allow us to imagine life outside of the ruts into which we routinely fall.  I want inspiration for imagination.

I will grant sometimes the inspiration leads to moments of priceless humor which in no way lessens the value of inspiration in my eyes.  After a few days on our recent trip to Jamaica spent hunting for hermit crabs along the beach and under the peers, my son earnestly threatened J saying “If you don’t let me, I will make this hermit crab pinch your booby.”  My wife and I looked at each other shocked and then burst out laughing.  All of the seriousness in the situation was completely lost as all five of us laughed on the beach.

Yet again, our family enjoyed the sun, the beach, Michelle and Carmelina and all of the other guests at the FDR in Jamaica.  J describes our yearly visits as the vacation we take so we can stay a family because otherwise we would go insane.  I’ll post pictures when I can, but it maybe a while.