Has there ever been a more dangerous concept to the fragile mind of a parent?
Have we done everything we can?
When are we causing more harm than good?
Have we done enough?

Are you really going to do that again?
I have read that book 10 times this week. How many more times do I have to read it?
Have I done enough to make you love reading?

You screamed and came down stairs, screaming in an effort to make sure everyone else was awake.
I carried back up stairs to your room.
Then I did it again 2 minutes later.
Then I did it again a minute later.
47 times up and down the stairs…
Have I carried you enough for you to realize your screaming and hitting changes nothing
Not even my love?  I am stubborn.

Have I asked you to guess what enough?
Do you know the answer is always “I love you.”
Have I asked you for how long enough,
to earn the snap reply,
“Forever. Enough already! I know the answer to your questions.”