Crazy or Inspired, Life on the Border

I know no proper word for the insanity of my house.  We range from extremely caring to insane, and it’s tiring. 
O had a belt test for his Taekwondo this past week.  He had parents in fits of laughter watching him try to wait his turn.  Evidently he was sucking his toes while standing on one leg.  Have I mentioned his crazy balance?  I wish I had been there to see it, but I’ve heard enough people recount his craziness to believe them.  The boy simply can’t sit still, and often the levels of insanity are funny…but sometimes they are just scary.  Last night, he opened his window all the way and was sitting in the window.  The screen was bowing out, but he had no idea he was in danger of falling out of the second story window.  I regret my favorite word derived from Latin is “defenestration” because I like the sound and every parent to whom I’ve talked, ponders something similar at some point.    
These moments are why I have been staying up late with him rather than sending him to bed when he isn’t “ready for bed.”  I want some relax time before I head to bed after having played the part of daddy since 6am, but at 10:30 pm I find I have little left save to take meds and put dogs to sleep before I crash.  We have to bring this up today with his doc who said, “Some kids just don’t need as much sleep.  Just let him wander.”  We can’t.
We celebrated O’s birthday late this year to be able to go to Midieval Times for dinner with the kids.  He has wanted to go for more than a year, and he picked going here over having more friends to a cheaper venue…Have I ever mentioned how lucky we are to be able to go to a place like this?  The food was surprisingly good, and the show had O and A sucked in completely.  I had to laugh when A wanted to go care for the knight who had been “slain.”  She asked if maybe we should go help him.  O on the other hand just wanted the knight who beat our knight to die!  My kids frequently are the Ying and the Yang.
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As for me, have you ever felt like you are juggling a lot of things to the point where one more thing will cause a huge mess?  That’s my feeling lately.  I never learned to juggle, not even soccer balls when I played for 20 years.  I go back to the complex theory of last week.  At some point, the nervous system has no slack to absorb another interruption, and depending on where it happens, multiple parts of the system can go down.  That’s what everything feels like this week, like a system humming along with no slack, no contingency plans.
The worst part is the pride I feel in not dropping any thing yet when I should be looking for somebody else to target in a toss or picking what I will/can let drop. 
I say this having just signed up to run a half marathon on Dec. 1st.  The goal which seemed so far away when I put it on my bucket list almost 7 years ago is worth far more than the dollars and time spent to achieve it.

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