Confidence Moving Forward

I’m envious of my kids’ ability to look forward to the start of every new school year with a chance to reinvent themselves.  They’ve had a few months to forget the past year, and they get to go back and see how all of their classmates have changed.  At this age, a few months can bring a life time of changes.
Still, as my kids started the year, I noticed their approach to the new school year is not unlike how I view most tomorrows with my MS.  I go to bed most nights with equal parts trepidation and hope for what the morrow may bring.  There is a good chance my MS will reinvent itself over night.  Tomorrow, will I find new insights or learn to do more?  Maybe tomorrow will hurt less.  Will I have fun?  Can I talk to my friends?  Nothing I knew last night was certain and for O going to kindergarten is a big leap from preschool just as going to school for an entire day will test A more than the half days of the past.  
If you have ever read the Teacher from the Black Lagoon series, you know Mrs. Greene isn’t likely to remove our heads because we have a head ache or burn us to a cinder.  These are just the fear of the unknown talking.  Like in the books, the unknown is often more fun than the homely thoughts of yesterdays.  We should strive to go forward with confidence in our ability to overcome shy moments or whatever else may come.  

Of course looking at O on the first day of school, it is hard to believe he ever lacks confidence.