A Good Man

One of the message boards I belong to asked what it means “to be a man.”

I usually think of Kiplings “If” when I first ponder this.  In any event, I am responding by posting up one of my old 2 a.m. musings from back before I knew I had MS and had only extreme headaches waking me demanding I go to sleep. (note gender is unimportant to this)

A Good Man

A man is a lucky somebody who has grown


3 thoughts on “A Good Man”

  1. It is reassuring that you own your 'good life'! So many times, as your friend, I am so concerned for you, on the darker/harder days, that you lose site of this 'good life' that you have! just saying!

  2. I like your “good man” post. You are a man among men, life well lived.”

    Tired or I would go on…

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