All That Is Necessary For The Triumph of Evil Is That Good Men Do Nothing

The more I hear about the Pen State Football program and what various people had to have known or seen, the more I think of a quote often attributed to Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” I don’t know the exact origin of the quote, but it seems to fit this situation too much for my liking whether describing Paterno, the coach who saw one


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  1. It was called “horsing around” by the culprit. I have spent time with horses and actually have never showered with them nor have I see any horses in a locker room shower together. Horsing around implies either two kids of the similar ages being kids of similar ages or parents having some mild wrestling fun with their kids.

    Pater, Mater and the whole list failed the boys. I don’t defend Paterno, but the blame rests on others, too and on the whole sordid system of sports as above the law and above any scrutiny. PA is enacting a new law regarding reporting these types of incidents. DUH! The guy called his father at age 28? I thought 911 was known even to the youngest of children even if they can’t exactly explain the situation-there is GPS!

    I have to let this go.

    Be well live well lived and your family, too.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    Funny part for me is it took me till today to break Paterno into Pater (father) No (same in most languages). He was certainly far from the protective father figure he could have been had he outed Sandusky publicly.

  3. The scandal at Penn State is heart wrenching for the victims and a sad commentary for adults on what is truly important in life. How did a 28 year old six four man walk past the scene in the locker room shower? I wonder if the boy, now a young man, will ever stop saying in his head, “Why wouldn’t or didn’t he help me?” There are too many questions and not very many good answers from what I can see except that the “image” of Penn State Football was preserved as long as possible.

    The shroud of secrecy, the above the law arrogance and the protection of the wrong people needs to stop in all institutions from the Catholic Church to gated cult compounds to political back offices to sports on all levels.

    We are the highest developed species and yet the amount of predatory behavior that occurs, is ignored and is often rewarded makes us little better than any other species of wild animals. Of course, the worst part is, we are not doing it for survival. It is being done for power, control and to satisfy sick inclinations from pedophilia to dog fighting and beyond.

    So what was preserved at Penn State now that stuff has hit the fan and the fans? I certainly don’t get it, but I’m sure the price tag has made the cost much higher than ever anticipated. And what kind of people do not think they will ever get caught? Pigs with slippery skins I guess.

    The moment of your daughter’s reading the book out loud is priceless. Good luck at the race and enjoy the treat at the end! You deserve it.

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