RIP Andy Rooney, Professional Grouch

I am definitely feeling a bit older as I started trying to put into words why I always thought Andy Rooney was great. His commentary on 60 minutes was a staple to my growing up. Even if his thoughts were the thoughts of most people, his ability to express them most certainly was not. I wish more people took the time to try and express themselves as he did because often in his frank examination of common frustrations he arrived at slightly different, slightly better conclusions.  Almost always his perspective put a his complaints in the light of humor.

I see it all the time as I read other’s thoughts on messageboards whether it be message boards on MS or on the Redskins. Some people’s thoughts, and even better the process they used to arrive at them, have the ability to change my approach or change my view on the severity of the challenges at hand. Other times, reading others’ thoughts knowing they mirror my own makes me feel less alone. I think this may have been Andy rooney’s gift, putting the common man’s thought process into words making us feel uncommonly smart for having thought them too. Yes, he was a professional grouch. This fact only makes me a bit jealous.

RIP Mr. Rooney.