MS family: I know It Impacts You Too

I know it impacts you too. I do. There isn’t a day I don’t feel guilty for not being who you think I should be, who I might have been.
What do I need to do? What would you like me to do? Is there any way I can help?
I feel like I ask these questions all the time as a prelude to the sound of silence. I know you are frustrated. Dealing with MS sucks for those of us with it, and I know it blows


2 thoughts on “MS family: I know It Impacts You Too”

  1. I feel marginalized every time I stay home when everyone else goes out. Heck, I almost went crazy spending 3 days without driving last weekend. I just want some different walls, some different sights. Even this past weekend, I stayed home while my wife and kids went to a Halloween event. I stayed home with our fostered kid who wasn’t feeling well, but I don’t know and will never know if we wouldn’t have just bundled her up in more clothes if I was healthy. I hate hearing about most of the cool parts of my kids life second hand when I feel like I should be there.

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