My Morning Questions

Am I tough enough?
For the pains in the arms and lasers through my eyes?
For only 5 hours sleep?
For getting up in the middle?
Am I tough enough today
to work for tomorrow?
To think logically despite life’s distractions?
Am I tough enough to love?
To allow myself to be loved?
Am I tough enough ?
To listen to honest appraisals of my work?
From all who offer?
From people’s whose opinion I value?
From a child?
What if I’m not?
Does the answer change if I am?

What if today is the day I find out?

Doesn’t everyone ask?

My Morning Questions

One thought on “My Morning Questions”

  1. Note, most of these are not physical sport player going out on the field with a broken leg. Sure, that toughness still counts and influences everything which comes after. However in total, it is such a small portion of the day's required fortitude.

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