A Younger Mind Than Mine Demonstrated Intuitive Leaping Ability

For those who believe in coincidence, over the weekend I saw what seems like a perfect example of the inspiration driven A to B to XXX thinking. This is an exerpt of a  conversation with my daughter as her mind works through the idea of opposites:
“So big is opposite of small,. right?” – correct
“and dark is opposite of light?” – correct
“and yellow is the opposite of purple”- say what? surprised sillence
It was at this point my wife interjects saying colors don’t really have opposites. I had to chuckle as I pointed out to my wife that on a color wheel, the opposite of any of the three primary colors is the even combination of the other two primaries. As it turns out yellow is the opposite of purple. I told A she was right and asked how she knew. She said she just thought it was.

Most of the time the constant questioning stage of development is tiring. I listed 3 of the opposites, but there were dozens before and after the colors. So often the process of reaffirming of a learning how to think is a tedious building up of confidence in ability to come to the right answers.  However, there are times which can crystalize new methods in my head and others like these which illustrate a thought better than I knew how to articulate.