How does one normally think of the roles we play and how we are perceived? How much doubt normally accompanies self reflection?

I am in Guam. I’ve run every morning, and I’ve actually been ok…I think.  Today I ran, talked with doctors, learned more of how those answering our forms are thinking, saw dozens of new kids of fish while snorkeling, walked a few miles before bed…andsome how still feel a sense of wonder as to whether the feelings of now are more or less correct than m normal feelings.  Which are the false mental paths?

Odd part as I look at myself. I am heartened to hear my wife misses me when I regularly feel of less and less help at home. I’m surprised when my boss on this trip routinely down plays any of my unit’s accomplishments and/or more accurately, my part in them. I say odd, because I usually feel so much more confident at work than at home.

At home, I know my wife does more than I, and I hear with more than my ears when she says, “you do what you can.” At work, I’ve always felt I hold my own (or more at times). I’ve tried to take on what others needed done or dealt with that which they didn’t want to deal.

During this trip, I’ve had my normal perceptions turned on their head. Self delusion(s)? Which is which, the original or that which is felt on the other side of the world? Regardless, 10:30 is my witching hour no matter the time zone. For the little it is worth, my crazy is at its end (for now). Good night to any.