Thought on Plato

Some random thoughts I’ve had in the past few weeks which I’ve meant to get up here:

I was thinking about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in terms of what it means to be a parent. What if all of parenthood when boiled down to its essence is little more than an attempt to build a better mirror rather than a wall thus allowing our kids a “better” vision of the world and their place with in it. After all, the one who has been out in the world can’t drag the rest of the cave dwelling people out, so what can they do? Maybe “better” is one that lets them see more truly the nature of the world around their existence so that the people may more truly see their surroundings. Maybe “better” is a mirror thinning them down or building them up as their esteem needs. Personally, I think “better” may be summed up simply as “able to make a better mirror that the next may see more clearly.”

Of course this is how I define progress. It’s not just how much have I done, seen or learned. If I am unable to allow anybody else to share in the experience, who cares? If I take 3 steps forward, and my family and friends take only 2 which is the greater accomplishment, which measure is best used to define me? I tend to be more proud of our family taking 2 steps, and it’s upon that scale I’d prefer to be judged.


This Lemmings Explanation for Miracles
A deranged miracle said unto the Universe
“I is what I is
and I be what I be
so leave I to were alone.”

The Universe notes,
“I see now why miracles don’t travel in packs.
Good thing.
Makes keeping order far easier.”

To which Alternate Universe replied,
“True, even lemmings who would choose to follow
would constantly have to check their bearings
forever questioning what it means to ‘are.'”

Universe ponders aloud,
“Change him back and undo all he has wrought?”

Alternate Universe:
“Leave it to me.”

This Lemming longs to know,
“What are my reality?”