Woohoo, I can finally post again. I’m not sure what was changed, but I guess a tech finally saw the latest request for help I made.


I can’t say the last few months have been my favorite, but…that’s what you get. At least there have been some great moments too. I hate that as I write this, the facts of life theme song is running through my head. “You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life.” Great, now I’ll have that with me for the next hour.

News since I last posted:

A is up and walking. Taking care of her gives me at least one truly great moment a day when you come into her room to take her out of her crib. She always has the biggest smile because she is so happy to see me (I’m sure it’s that and not her jubilation at the prospect of escaping her crib). These moments are pure gold. There is nothing like unbridled enthusiasm to brighten even my most foul moods. She had surgery a few weeks ago and came out of of it a bit slower than we would like, but she seems ok now.

In other news, we took in another foster. I’ll just refer to him as O on here. When he first came home, he did nothing but cry for 80% of the time he was awake. I am hard pressed to express how thankful I am that he is ticklish. For weeks, that was the only thing that let me know he knew how to do anything but cry. The crying has subsided for the most part. I can’t say he’s a happy go lucky kid like A, but he’s more like my experience with kids. He also seems smart and motivated. He picks up things fairly quickly, though he may have some trouble as time goes on with spazticity. I feel for him a lot as his hands betray him while he tries to hold on to something or when his jerks wake him up just as he is about to fall asleep.

My wife is still my loving/lovely wife. This week she is my wife in absentia (sp?) as I keep missing her. She’s been going to the hospital to visit with O and getting home late. Hopefully they will both get back home for good soon.

We recently went to NY for a family reunion/ 90th birthday party for my wife’s grandmother. It was nice seeing all of the family together, and both of our kids seemed to really enjoy the attention from other adults and kids. It’s weird that we could raise such hams. You would think my wife and I were doing something to raise charmers. My wife’s great uncle and wife were also celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary at the same time. I really hope I get to have a 50th. I think that will be my new goal, as that will beat my family’s record (that I know of) by a year.

As for me, life goes on. I have another flare, and the summer heat is basically kicking my @#^%. The flare has given me a few minutes that when looking back are funny (possibly only to me). I think the cafeteria would prefer that I stop getting oatmeal in the morning, but they would probably really just prefer I stop dropping it on the floor for them to clean up. Memory is a great thing or so I think I remember hearing. A few weeks ago I spent 5 minutes trying to remember the name of that unfortunate sucker I convinced to marry me. Ah well, life goes on. Now that I can post again, so does this blog.