A’s first birthday

I’ve been a slacker for a few weeks while I’ve been working through some things medically, but A’s 1st birthday is one of those things that deserves at least a comment.

Sometimes things are just right in the world, and it’s cool to think that people can make it thus.

There are times where everything just feels right. It’s kind of amazing that people’s caring can actually just make just such a moment feel right. J and I had decided that A. deserved a birthday party. I would usually laugh at the prospect of a one year old birthday party because it’s not like they understand the relevance of a birthday party. Maybe a first birthday is usually about the parents, and if so all I can say is I am pleasantly shocked at how many put time and effort into giving us some emotional support. It’s needed even in the good times.

That being said, I do think A. greatly appreciated the attention. The gifts are all things she is using or will use. She may not understand from whence they all come, but there is a huge feeling of gratitude that I have for all of those who put time, effort, and cost into coming for her birthday party. It reminds me how far her life has come from when J and I were buying her an outfit while we were in St. Kitts because we thought it almost cruel that a child born with all of her medical and family issues should be sitting unvisited in a hospital bed with nothing to her name. At that point, everything around her and on her was labeled as hospital gear. Yuck. Well, now she is spoiled, at least when it comes to material goods and attention. While I never want it to go too far, it may be her joy with new things that I am most thankful for from the party. Honestly, I am stunned so many people cared enough. Sometimes, things are just right in the world.

My favorite A. moment of the week:
Sitting down across from A. and rolling a ball back and forth with her expressing glee. I had been trying over the weekend, and she would only occasionally roll the ball back. Then we sat down this week and spent 20 min rolling it back and forth. It may seem small, but A. expressing joy at playing with somebody else (me) is one of those precious moments to be remembered.