Momma said there’d be days like this:

I guess that in order to really appreciate when all goes well, we all need those times where nothing works out as we would hope. Personally I just wish for as few of these days as possible, and when I’m in a week I would for the most part just assume forget, I try to think of the little things I really enjoy. This week, that’s just not coming as easily for me as I might wish.

There is something about a small persistent pain in the back that wakes one up at night that just seems to taint the way I view the rest of the day. It’s a little weird because it’s not the waking up that taints, it’s definitely the method. By way of proof, being woken up in the middle of the night by a wife willing to brave some fiercely terrible morning breath in order to give me a kiss before she heads to bed is one of those things that puts me in a great mood (often for days). Ah well, hopefully the meds from the doc will do as good a job alleviating the pain long term as they are doing putting me to sleep at night.

2 Things I really haven’t enjoyed this week:

Waking up with a back that feels like a Kimba (my dog) chew toy after I’ve spun her around for 5 min in the same direction. It’s not broken. It’s just really tight, to the point where my stomach hurts and I can’t tell exactly where in my back it hurts. Now that I’ve taken muscle relaxers for 2 nights it feels like the toy unwound but with a few teeth marks 🙂

Trying to fix a problem at work with a publication I spent months on. It’s rough because the problem with it existed due to a choice made by the person in my job before me, and now I find myself spending days I don’t have fixing a problem for a previous publication that we should be done with (to say nothing of the joy of telling others they have to spend time they don’t have). In fairness to the previous person in my job, I’m not sure how she would have known there would be a problem except now people are saying “now, why did you use that…” I’d be annoyed at her for making the choice if I could come up with some logic as to why I wouldn’t have made a similar mistake. Grrrr. It’s just disappointingly frustrating.

My 2 favorite parts of this week:

A. talking back to Barney (granted I always wish it was Sesame Street if I’m near but at least it’s not teletubbies), but getting her to smile and babble while I dance and snap to the beat was a great feeling. I posted a picture of the smile on her face at the time. Her babble and smile is one of those things I’ve thought about frequently this week, as I get frustrated. Yeah, I know. I was smiling and snapping to Barney, and that should probably never be admitted. However, children are a great excuse to be silly, and being off the wall cookoo is just about the best stress relief I’ve ever found.

As small a thing as it is, I still haven’t found a physical sensation better than the moment cold water covers my head in the shower after working out outside, getting piping hot and covered and sweat. I don’t know why, but for some odd reason, I take tremendous satisfaction from being hot enough that the cold water that hits my head runs off my nose feeling warm. There is just something about having worked that hard. Who knows, maybe the Shakers were on to something: “Hands to work hearts to God.” I’m not religious, but there is something to feeling better for having worked hard at something.